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This site is maintained by Sam Nabi as a record of the vibrant Wonderful Waterloo community, which was taken offline in 2014. This site is a partial archive, containing some posts from 2009-2013. To read more about the recovery effort and access the data in a machine-readable format, check out the GitHub page.

About Wonderful Waterloo

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About Wonderful Waterloo

Welcome to Wonderful Waterloo!

What is Wonderful Waterloo you ask? We're an online community that discusses urban development, transportation projects, heritage issues, businesses and other events and issues throughout all of Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge and the four Townships - North Dumfries, Wellesley, Wilmot, and Woolwich. In addition to that, Wonderful Waterloo offers a great deal of high quality local photography.

One of the best features of Wonderful Waterloo is the forum. The forum is a place to find news, updates on projects, and share opinions. With thousands of viewers a day, a lively discussion is always on the go. Registration for Wonderful Waterloo and it's forum is quick and easy, and best of all, it's free!

Need to get in touch with us? Just send us a message.