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Waterloo Busker Carnival

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Livable Waterloo Region | Saturday August 21, 2010
Waterloo Busker Carnival

The Waterloo Busker Carnival began in 1988 as a project to revitalize the Uptown core. The original committee was the Waterloo Chamber of Commerce who hoped to lure people to the Uptown area for some fun and to have an opportunity to see what was available in the city center.

After the initial success of the Carnival in 1988, the Chamber decided to pass the running of the Carnival onto a volunteer committee along with two City of Waterloo recreation representatives.
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Livable Waterloo Region | Saturday August 21, 2010
20th Annual Waterloo Buskers Carnival
August 21 - 24, 2008

Performance Schedule

Note: The Renfrews, The Green Fools, and OKA will be on the street at various times. Keep your eyes open for them.

Thursday, August 21st

Friday, August 22nd

Saturday, August 23rd

Sunday, August 24th

Busker Carnival Performers

Rafael Sebastian Montreal, Quebec

Rafael Sebastian presents a sinfully comedic carnival of clever capers, magical bamboozles, and daring physical feats. From the streets of Montreal, Rafael brings with him 15 years of street performing experience to bring a smile to audiences around the world! Variety, Laughs, and Danger... you’ll find it all right here! Enjoy!

The Wally Show Reykjavik, Iceland

The Wally Show is a seamless blend of high level circus skills and quirky comedy. Wally draws heavily upon his circus school education and addiction to juggling to create unique skills that are a combination of both manipulation, contortion and acrobatics.
His comedy is a perfect mix of slapstick and double entendre innuendo that keeps the kids giggling at oddball antics while adults chortle at the never ending stream of verbosity that pours from Wally’s mouth. In 15 years of street performing Wally can't believe that he has never received a complaint even though by his own admission he sometimes does go a bit too far. The breath taking finale of The Wally Show is a real crowd pleaser.
He is the only performer in the world working 4 metres in the air a top the footpegs of a freestanding ladder on the street. The trick is the hardest trick he knows and the culmination of his lifes work to date..... his mother is very proud!

The Renfrews Ottawa, Ontario
For your Entertainment, Pleasure and Security
Cantering atop garbage-can steeds in perfect step to marching tunes, The Renfrews perform "The World’s Smallest Musical Riot" at Fairs and Festivals far and wide. From the Toronto Buskers Festival, to the Singapore River International Buskers Festival. With tongue firmly in cheek, the Ottawa-based entertainment duo spoofs the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and their ceremonial traditions with outrageous pomp and pageantry, physical comedy and hilarious audience interaction. Look out for this "mounted" pair at this years Waterloo Buskers Carnival! Mounted since 2000.

Pat "PitterPat" Newton Florida
Pat discovered the art form of face painting 8 years ago. She loves working on a 3-dimensional canvas that possesses a personality. Believing it is about the experience first she began teaching her philosophy in the classroom. She has taught throughout the U.S. and Canada as well as on the international level. She wrote and produced her instructional DVD “Face Painting with PitterPat: A Beginner’s Journey” to help anyone who would like to share this fun art.
Recently Pat was one of 50 body artists involved in a unique show produced by Christopher Agostino called “Bodies Alive! Over 40 dancers were body painted. The art of dance and body art were combined to bring a spectacular and visually stimulating 45 minute production to the stage. The show was recently presented at the Face and Body Art International Convention in Orlando to a sell out audience.
Pat is currently the featured face painter at Circus Sarasota, a member of FACE and FBPAA, and the editor of the New Calliope Magazine. She is thrilled to be returning to the Waterloo Buskers Festival. It's one of her favorite events to participate in.

Aerial Angels Kalamazoo, Michigan
Live. Up close. Potentially personal. All the way from Kalamazoo, MI, the Aerial Angels are high-flying female circus artists performing feats of grace, beauty, and strength on the aerial hoop and aerial silk, acrobatics, fire-eating, hula hoops, handstand contortion, crack bullwhip target-taking, and of course comedy.
Watch as they transform an ordinary street corner into a world where anything is possible. Don't miss their Three-Girl Flaming Tounge-To-Tounge-To-Tounge Transfer!

The Dan Show Winnipeg, Manitoba
The Dan Show is a high-energy heart-pounding show that will either leave you breathless in amazement or howling out loud with laughter. With eleven years of performance experience and professional training, you know the show will be engaging, hilarious, and full of exciting stunts!
Drawing on his wide range of skills and his deep background in theatre, improvisation, acrobatics, contortion, magic, juggling, and puppetry, DanielCraigmakes the impossible seem possible.
The Dan Show truly stretches the limits when he makes a star out of a small child, when he bends his body into pretzel-like shapes and when he does fire and machete manipulations that are out of this world!

Eric Something Else Montreal, Quebec
Mind over matter is the theme of this show. Get ready for a ” of misunderstood, mysterious and idiotic achievements and exploits. His show combines circus arts, comedy and extreme stunts such as fire swallowing, impressive accuracy with the bullwhip, knife juggling, the famous bed of nails and the never-seen-before ladder of sharp swords. With such a stunning list of attractions, it is no wonder that Eric has amazed audiences all over the world.

Phantastyk Sudbury, Ontario
The circus troop Phantastyk is composed of 3 artists. They have been travelling around Canada for the passed three years now and have been getting better every year.
There show is composed of acrobatics such as hand to hand, cyr wheel, Russian bar and much more. Also in the show is juggling, unicycling and good old fashion clowning around. Don't miss the show, satisfaction guaranteed!

OKA Australia
Deeply rooted in their laid back coastal lifestyle, OKAs unique, world class sound is winning them audiences all around the globe. Their huge underground following has been attributed to the OKA blend of Australian and world sounds, roots, dub, reggae, jazz and organic electronica.
Woven into their hypnotic percussive chillout dancegrooves, the Yidaki’s (didgeridoo’s) rhythmic pulse resonates a powerful ancient and tribal heartbeat, while the woodwinds, saxophone and slide guitar dance seamlessly, inspiring and lifting one to higher ground as the music effortlessly transforms into a mystic soundscape.
Each gig is a musical adventure that will rock your body and move your soul.

Green Fools Theatre Calgary, Alberta
Masked and mystical, towering and transcendent, creative and comical...
Green Fools physical theatre society is a festival favourite!

USA Break Dancers New York City, New York
The USA Break Dancers are an award winning troop of dancers based out of The Bronx NY. They performed their high-energy interactive show for millions of people around the world. The group performs at colleges, festivals, corporate events, half-time shows for the NBA, NCAA, camps, and theaters worldwide, and have been featured on television and on numerous music videos.
The four man troop performs a spectacular show packed with acrobatic stunts, hilarious antics, and the hottest dance moves. Combining their comedic talents with cutting-edge dance choreography, Julio "Klown" Santiago, William" Ill Will" Sanchez, Anthony "Ready" Rosa, and Jose "Mini" Colon deliver an unforgettable experience that has crowds all over the world cheering for more.

The Silly People Kitchener-Waterloo
The Silly People Phil LeConte and Colin Franks are two guys from Kitchener/Waterloo, Ontario who have a flair for "silliness". They have been performing for over fifteen years and have worked in fourteen different countries. With a perfect blend of quick wit, slapstick and random useless skills they create "free-style comedy." Balloons, juggling, circus skills, and fire stunts... who could ask for anything more?

Les Walkyries Montreal, Quebec
In 2000, three women united their passions and forces to create what will become a powerful unic fire manipulation trio - Les Walkyries. At that time their humble wish was to travel the world. A series of unnatural events, pushed them as fast as the lightning into the biggest events and festivals. From the extreme Canadian winter, to the desert and tropical conditions of Central America, Asia and Oceania, passing by massive corporate events, teaters and street performing in Europe. They rapidly became knowned for their originality, professionalism, crazy energy and adaptability.
Le Cirque du Soleil recognized their talent from the beginning and use them since, in several special events as fire experts and as artists. Eight years as pass and Eliane Bonin, Charlyne Guay and Isabelle Michon-Campbell keep on conquering the world. They been often compare to a rock band that switch guitars for fire staves. They left their make everywhere they pass.
Drawing majestic circles of fire, harmonizing acrobatic dances, acrobalance figures and humour in a high energy presentation synchronize on Celtics and powerful classical rhythms. Les Walkyries, mythological characters come on earth to help the warriors and amazons (public) to win the ultimate battle. Let them seduce and transport you in les Walkyries’s wonderful odyssey.

The Fast Horses Minnesota
Feathers, drums, fire and dance are just a hint of what you’ll witness with the Fast Horse family. The Fast Horses have been educating and entertaining audiences of all ages around the world for over 10 years.
They will take you on a magical adventure that will awaken your senses hear the sound of a different drum, smell the excitement, see the captivating dances which will touch your heart leaving you with a taste for more. The show is high energy, funny, fast paced, and guaranteed to fire up people’s imaginations.
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Waterloo Busker Carnival 2010
August 26th to 29th, 2010
Welcome to the 22nd
Waterloo Busker Carnival

There's already a great line up of Buskers set to perform in this years event! Check out this list of talented Buskers coming to the 22nd Waterloo Busker Carnival. The full schedule of events will be published soon!
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Well everyone, the 2010 Buskers Carnival is right around the corner. It starts on Thursday and runs through Sunday.

That being said this week's poll asks, Are You Going to the 2010 Buskers Carnival?
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Busker carnival returns to uptown Waterloo

August 22, 2010
By Greg Mercer, Record staff

WATERLOO — Fire eaters, contortionists, jugglers, escape artists and other oddballs will take over King Street in the uptown this week for the annual Waterloo Busker Carnival.

The festival will kickoff with a community barbecue at 5:30 p.m. Thursday and wrap up Sunday afternoon, after a weekend of street entertainment, expanded midway attractions, a seven-storey Ferris wheel and more.

All events are free, but the buskers’ incomes depend on audience donations, so organizers ask that you bring some cash. Only the Wednesday evening fundraising gala, The Festival of Fools, requires admission at $60 a person.

“It’s a chance for the community to come together,” said festival spokesperson Colleen Dostle. “We’re thrilled to have international acts performing on our streets.”

Among the highlights this year will be New York’s Dave Cox, whose claim to fame includes something called the “toilet paper tightrope of death,” and the Juggle Bugs, a pair of 10 year olds from Ottawa who juggle while riding unicycles.

Other notables include Alakazam ‘The Human Knot,’ an Aussie entertainer who squeezes his body into unimaginable knots, including through a tennis racket, and England’s Rob Roy Collins, a former lawyer who plans to escape from 20 metres of chain and handcuffs while standing on top of a 3.6-metre ladder.

Organizers expect some 40,000 visitors to attend the four-day festival. All events are subject to weather. Visit www.waterloo-buskers.com for more details.

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August 26, 2010


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