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This site is maintained by Sam Nabi as a record of the vibrant Wonderful Waterloo community, which was taken offline in 2014. This site is a partial archive, containing some posts from 2009-2013. To read more about the recovery effort and access the data in a machine-readable format, check out the GitHub page.

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Post #3821
^Is that place a biker bar? I know ppl that go there, but everytime I'd walk by, the crowd there in[...]
Belmont Village
Post #5916
Belmont Village needs 4-6 storey walkup apartments above retail. Along the main drag area, at least[...]
Post #8188
I had an excellent medium burger at Grindhouse, King St West near Widmer, Toronto, on Saturday. 100[...]
U/C Fieldgate Commercial Site - Ira Needles & Highland | 6 m | 1 fl | Sobeys Opens Jan 20
Post #8782
Clearly, Waterloo has more in common with Milton than it does with Toronto.[...]
Small Uptown Waterloo Construction
Post #9437
Is that Blaze Properties Cripple Creek (weird name btw) going to be lowrise townhouses or a midrise [...]
Small Uptown Waterloo Construction
Post #9492
Re: Sorbara Law. According to a source close to the firm, the back lot parking will eventually tur[...]
Post #18326
What's that hilarious Mennonite place going toward's Elmira called? I ate there once, was very amus[...]